Saturday, September 4, 2010

52nd Post

I'm still stuck in my matriculation college. They will let us go home on this coming tuesday ; 2 more days to go. But seriously, it feels like I have to wait for 2 more years. I miss my home, family, cats and a sister of mine. Hopefully during this raya break, I could spend some time with her :) Oh yeah ; yana, i love your current profile picture in facebook! Looks soooooo innocent! :D

Anyway, lots of homeworks were given by my lovely lecturers and of course, I have no choice but to finish them. By just thinking about it makes me feel sleepy. Aigoo -.-'

I'll start doing those homeworks now so that it wont stop me from enjoying my breaks. Yeah. :)

Currently addicted to a song ; TRAX - A Cold Hearted Man's Tears :)


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