Saturday, May 22, 2010

44th Post

Yesterday, I went to the nearest club around my house area with my sister and little brother. My daddy registered as a member there. So, we were kind of eager to see how the club looks like. It looks normal, with 2 tennis courts, a childish look pool ( they have all that waterfall and slide thing ), a gymnasium and many more. Since me and my sister ada tennis racket, we decided to play tennis. And gosh, sangat memenatkan. Seriously. Maybe because tak selalu exercise kot. *tulah, malas nak exercise lagi. ISH! Run here, run there, run everywhere. Still, tak pernah ada chance nak pukul bola tu. One of my problems is, I can't aim the ball. Dah nak dekat dapat dah pukul, but then terlepas, as if dekat my racket mcm ade lubang je. Haha. And then start lah, sakit sini sakit situ. Cram sini, cram situ. Rasa macam nak tercabut dah urat-urat dekat kaki semua. My sister said that Im lying because dah malas nak main. *grr. :s

I looked at the other tennis player. Nampak macam veteran tapi, woah! Awesome gila. Professional sangat the way diorang main. If nak compare la, dia : PROFESSIONAL. us : BEGINNER. Jauh beza. Haha. Ada lah jugak rasa segan nak main sebelah professional uncles tu. Aku tahu, dalam hati diorang mesti dah terbahak-bahak gelak tengok kiteorang main, no, bukan kiteorang, aku ni. HUAH! *Malu Malu .

Today! I want to go and swim in the pool pula. No one can laugh at me anymore because aku ni pro when it comes to swimming. HAHA. Perasan. Or maybe just pergi gym? Oh, I can't decide. Haha. Just bawa je laa swimming suit, tennis racket and seluar. Sampai sana, baru decide, Yaya, Ayit, JOM PEGI EXERCISE!

*The start of a new healthy life. HAHA. :D


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