Thursday, July 29, 2010

50th post

After finished watching the adam couple on we got married, I decided to watch the new couple. And I fell in love with the guy, My current obsession :) NICHKHUN! :D

ahh! hot sungguh! haha.

*dont worry heechul, i still love you. HAHAHA

49th Post

" I dont want to go back to Matrics, please ?  "


Monday, July 26, 2010

48th Post

**im addicted to this kind of picture :)

I've been looking forward to go home since last wednesday. And as I said on the previous post, Im home. And now, Im bored, DEAD BORED. I have no idea what I should do right now. I kept on replaying the " We Got Married Jo Kwon and Gain " video since last saturday. Haih..

--bosannya ....

I think I should start studying for my final exam on October, yeah, ok.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

47th Post

Two Mak ciks ;
A Mak Cik who loves to be soo gedik when it is 12pm
A Mak Cik who loves to say the word " Biadap seh"

Mak cik gorgeous who loves to crunch ice cube.

Mak cik mok who loves to drink milo ice

Sheesh, I hate to say this actually, 
but then ...

I kinda miss them. Haha. 

46th Post

Oh yeah baby, im home :D Actually dah ada dekat rumah ni since sunday, but then, no mood to update about this. So suddenly the mood datang so, update lah! Helloo blogku! Its been a while since I last update my blog. Lebih kurang a month or more, kan? But anyway, who cares. Bukannye maha hebat pon cerita-cerita blog aku ni. Bosan je. Haha. Bengong.